JAMStack aka Serverless

About the talk

The JAMStack is a new way to approach creating a website or web application. In the past if you wanted to get something online, you’d have to spin up a server that was always online. If you wanted to keep costs down that server would have to be small, but that meant you couldn’t handle large traffic. If you wanted to scale cost-effectively, that meant you’d have to use someone else’s platform, which meant you lost some control. JAMStack allows you to create full websites that are fully delivered via CDN, but without losing functionality.

I’ve used JAMStack to create this blog, landing pages and product MVPs; I’m even considering using it for a corporate publishing platform. The JAMStack is a very flexible tool that allows you to get your content in front of people, easily. You’re site is made up entirely of static resources that can be delivered through a CDN. If you need more processing, you can then offload those to ‘hosted functions’ like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or the like.

In this talk I’ll walk through the details of the JAMStack, creation of a site, how to deploy one and building in more complex functionality using Netlify.



  • Hugo
  • Giraffe Acadamy Youtube Playlist
  • Netlify
  • A Step-by-Step Guide: Victor-Hugo on Netlify
  • Netlify's AWS Lambda functions

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